Myths - Intimacy


The Myth

A woman raped after consenting to any level of sexual activity is to blame for 'giving mixed signals'.

A woman can often be blamed for giving some level of social contact or intimacy to a man before he rapes her. She may have been on a date with him, smiled at him, flirted with, danced, laughed, kissed and engaged in some other level of intimacy with him. However, she did not choose to have sex with him but the view is often that she 'had it coming'.

The Facts

Intimacy does not mean consent. Sex without consent is rape.

The Impact

Victims blame themselves and do not come forward.

What Can You Do

Understand what consent is and appreciate that intimacy means nothing, rape is a crime.

Understand that sexual contact does not mean and automatically extend to sexual intercourse.

Be supportive and listen to the full story.