The issue of consent plays a part in around 80% of rape investigations in Hertfordshire.

The law is very clear - sex without consent is rape.

But do you really know what consent is?

A straightforward video endorsed by education and public health authorities, the Crown Prosecution Service, police and rape victims may help.

It's as simple as tea

For further information about reporting a sexual assault or rape to police, no matter when the assault happened, please call police 101 (in an emergency, for example, if your attacker is still there or nearby, please use 999) or visit the Herts Police website if you do not wish to speak in person to police at this moment in time. 

Operation Advisory 2015

Operation Advisory is Hertfordshire Constabulary's campaign to prevent rape and serious sexual assaults related to the night time economy during the Christmas party 'season'.

The campaign has now been running for five years and in 2014 there were no reports of rape or serious sexual assault. Get more information about Operation Advisory.